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Words and Music is a 1948 American biographical musical film loosely based words and Music PDF the creative partnership of the composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Lorenz Hart. The movie is best remembered for featuring the final screen pairing between Rooney and Judy Garland, and for the lavish showcasing of the Rodgers and Hart catalogue of songs. The script, as in many similar films of the era, was heavily fictionalized. The introduction to the film is staged as if composer Richard Rodgers were actually playing himself.

Författare: Pierpaolo Martino.

Actor Tom Drake appears alone in character, identifies himself as Rodgers and tells the audience it is about to see the story of his collaboration with Lorenz Hart. Contemporary posters from the film featured the faces of most major cast members, including Rooney, but did not show the face of Drake, and his name was in smaller type than those of the other main stars. Though the film performed very well at the box office, it proved to be quite an expensive production and, as a result, barely recouped its cost in its first release. The film was issued on DVD in 2007 by Warner Bros. Aspiring lyricist Lorenz “Larry” Hart needs a composer for his music, so Herb Fields introduces him to Richard “Dick” Rodgers and a partnership is born in 1919.

They struggle to achieve success, however, and Dick ultimately leaves the business to sell children’s apparel. But when a show by him and Dick is finally bound for Broadway, his promise to Peggy to play the starring role is ruined because Joyce Harmon is hired to play the part. Dick is attracted to Joyce, but is judged too young to be involved with her, then too old for another woman he meets, Dorothy Feiner. After fighting depression, things begin looking up for Larry as soon as Judy Garland agrees to do a movie with Rodgers and Hart music in it. Larry buys a home in California but can’t shake his sorrow, even after Dorothy marries Dick and invites Larry to share their home. Richard Quine as Ben Feiner, Jr. 28: The Eddie Mannix Ledger’, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Vol 12 No.