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Författare: Hanna Stronger.

Hanna Stronger è nata in Ciociaria nel 1968. Donna dalle mille sfaccettature, adora viaggiare e incontrare chi ama la vita a prescindere. Creativa, si dedica da sempre alla famiglia e non riesce a scendere a patti con le persone di mediocri sentimenti. Ammalatasi a 37 anni di melanoma, decide che non ha tempo per morire e così inizia una lunga lotta contro il male. Scrive questo racconto per mantenere una promessa fatta e per lanciare un messaggio: quello di non arrendersi mai.

Dante of Erminio Blotta, at Bd. Rodin’s The Gates of Hell, Musée Rodin. Auguste Rodin’s sculptural group, The Gates of Hell, draws heavily on the Inferno. The component sculpture, Paolo and Francesca, represents Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta, whom Dante meets in Canto 5. Giovanni di Paolo illuminated 1441 Dante’s Paradiso.

John Flaxman’s illustrations were influential across Europe in the eighteenth century because of their radically minimalist style. Dante and Virgil crossing the river Styx. Joseph Anton Koch illustrated Dante’s Divine Comedy and painted in the period 1824-1829 the four frescoes in the Dante Room of the Villa Massimi. William-Adolphe Bouguereau, the prolific 19th-century academic artist, painted Dante And Virgil In Hell in 1850.

Gustave Doré made the most famous illustrations in the 19th century. Franz von Bayros, mainly known for his erotic drawings, illustrated a 1921 edition. Salvador Dalí made a series of prints for the Comedy in 1950-51. Jennifer Strange’s collection of drawings and sculpture is titled “Inspired by Dante”. This artist’s journey through the Divine Comedy is a contemporary collection of works that have been exhibited in the United States and Italy.

It features an online image gallery with text, translation and commentary. British artist Tom Phillips illustrated his own translation of the Inferno, published in 1985, with four illustrations per canto. Graba’ made a cycle La Divina Commedia consisting of 111 paintings in 2003 exhibited in the Art Hall Sint-Pietersabdij in Ghent. Irish artist Samuel Walsh exhibited work based on ‘The Divine Comedy’ at Limerick City Gallery of Art in 2007. The ‘Inferno’ section of the exhibition travelled to the Centre International d’Art Contemporain, Pont-Aven, Brittany in 2008.

British artist Guy Denning’s online “Dante” project follows on from his exhibition of his Inferno paintings in Bologna in 2011. The Danteum is an unbuilt monument designed by the Italian modernist architect Giuseppe Terragni at the behest of Benito Mussolini’s fascist dictatorship. The Palacio Barolo in Buenos Aires, completed in 1923, was designed in accordance with the cosmology of Dante’s Divine Comedy, motivated by Italian architect Mario Palanti’s admiration for Dante. In 1373, when a little more than half a century after Dante’s death, the Florentine authorities softened their attitude to him and decided to establish a Department for the study of the Divine Comedy. Heading the Department, from October 1373.

January 1374, Boccaccio wrote and gave a course of lectures on Comedy. A Complaynt to His Lady,” an early short poem, is written in terza rima, the rhyme scheme Dante invented for the Comedy. So thirleth with the poynt of remembraunce” and ends with “Hath thirled with the poynt of remembraunce,” copied from Purgatory 12. 32, “la punctura di la rimembranza. The House of Fame, a dream vision in three books in which the narrator is guided through the heavens by an otherworldly guide, has been described as a parody of the Comedy.