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1 provides more weights than ever! Cyrillic info All recent Cyrillic languages tipografica PDF, a total of more than hundred!

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Helvetica, Times, Garamond… a ogni arte tipografica il suo nome, la sua storia, i suoi caratteri. Reinterpretate l’alfabeto: ciascuna lettera sarà pretesto per creare un nuovo carattere. “A” gotico, “e” calligrafico, “S” miniato: impostate il gesto, rallentate il respiro e, scegliendo le tinte, meditate, perché nella calligrafia si sposano fantasia e concentrazione.

Thanks to Алексей Ваняшин for great support! Съешь же ещё этих мягких цельнозерновых французских булок, да выпей чаю. Further supported localizations: Tatar, Turkish, Moldavian, Romanian, Kazakh, Azerbaijani, Catalan, Crimean Tatar, Northern Sami, Chuvash, Bashkir. Figures info Consistent width for all tabular characters through all weights. Combining Accents info Stackable combining accents and specifically designed uppercase accents to prevent line collisions!

Titling info Forms that stay between baseline and cap height. Alternative Glyph Forms info According to your preferences. Case Sensitive Forms info About 200 punctuation characters, mathematical glyphs, symbols and combining accents can be shifted up for use with all caps or between lining figures. Am I allowed to use Vollkorn for commercial purposes? What does the license allow, and what is forbidden?

And you may even change or adapt it. Please check the valid and detailed license FAQ at scripts. How can I donate aside from Paypal? Please contact me for bank transfer or any other channel. What is the difference to the version on Google Fonts? Via the download button above you get font files, that include the small caps to reach them via Opentype. What can I do when I miss a specific character or feature?

Please leave a comment below or on Github: Thanks, bugs, feature requests. What imprint attribution is preferred when using Vollkorn? Typeface: Vollkorn by Friedrich Althausen, vollkorn-typeface. Why is the typeface called Vollkorn? Have a guess why I chose Vollkorn!