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Please forward this error screen to 194. Please forward this error screen to 194. Dividing words into parts, or “chunks” helps speed the process of decoding. Knowing the rules for syllable division can students read words rime PDF accurately and fluently.

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Understanding syllables can also help students learn to spell words correctly. This video is published with permission from the Balanced Literacy Diet. See many more related how-to videos with lesson plans in the Phonemic Awareness section. The marker activity often used for word counting can be adapted for use in counting syllables.

Teachers can provide each child with tokens and two or three horizontally connected boxes drawn on a sheet of paper. The children place a token in each box from left to right as they hear each syllable in a word. Multisyllabic manipulation This example includes several activities and a chart of multisyllabic words. One specific activity from this page is the Multisyllabic Words Manipulation Game. Teachers can divide words from reading selections into syllables, write each syllable on a note card and display the syllables in jumbled order. Have students arrange the syllables to form the words.

Clapping games Associating syllables with a beat can help students to better learn the concept of syllables within words. The activities found on this website provide teachers with some suggestions for using clapping games to help students understand about dividing words into syllables. Using mirrors The following link includes information on introductory activities such as using mirrors for teaching students about syllables. Information is also provided about the different syllable spelling patterns.