Phonogram PDF

Two stands with a slopping back and a narrow cornice at the phonogram PDF on which rest ten metal frames with matching metal insets. The square frames are pink and the insets are blue.

Författare: Kieron Gilen.

Contrariamente a quasi tutti i suoi amici, David Kohl non è uscito dall’onda lunga del Britpop anni Novanta.Anche perché David non è un semplice appassionato: è un phonomancer, un mago, e sulla musica si basa tutto il suo potere. Il pop di Oasis e compagnia, per lui, è un grimorio, e quando Britannia tornerà dall’aldilà per lui, tutte le sue certezze inizieranno a vacillare.Tra glamour, avventura e citazioni musicali, Gillen e McKelvie dipingono una vicenda pop-rock dal sapore unico e imperdibile.

In the corner of each inset is a knob by which to hold it. The insets are square, triangle, circle, rectangle, oval, trapezoid, pentagon, curvilinear triangle, and quatrefoil. They are exactly the same measurements as the wooden insets of the geometric cabinet. Boards which are 14cm x 14cm. A plentiful supply of white and colored paper, which is the same size as the frames and boards. Tray to carry the material to the table.

Each stage of Exercises should be done well, before introducing the next stage. The series offers a great variety of possibilities, and this sustains the child’s interest. Metal inset works reveals the measure of normalization in the individual child and in the classroom as a whole. Work with insets is sometimes done carelessly, or used as busy work. Children use it to avoid other work. If there is great misuse, they should be taken out of the class for a while. They can then be introduced later with great attention to the care of use.