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Get to Know Panama International trade success is not only about you and your customers. Learn business facts about the countries that you trade panama PDF and familiarize yourself with the different business practices, cultures, customs and economics. The country has a population of 3.

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3 million people and a workforce of 1. Panamanians live below the poverty line. Panamanians are native English speakers, according to the U. Department of State, which reports, many Panamanians have a working knowledge of English and many professional college-educated Panamanians in Panama City are bilingual. An estimated real growth rate of 7. Caribbean entry point to the Panama Canal.

The Canal and the Colon Free Zone are the focal points of much of the country’s international trade activity. GDP is generated by the Panama Canal, which is being expanded to include a third set of locks. Perhaps you’re interested in establishing a partnership with one of the country’s exporters. You may be considering joint ventures with Panamanian companies, franchise or licensing opportunities or sales of your products and services in Panama.

Whatever your interests and needs, the resources provided here will lead you to information that can support your entry into this vibrant market. 450,000 trade-related organizations, created this resource, which provides an introduction to the Panamanian market. Use the links on this page to navigate to additional information about the country’s economy and political structure, business environment, and standards for selling, buying, and operating a business. Department of Commerce prepared this report, which you can download in its entirety or by chapter from links on this page. While the report includes chapters dedicated to the sale of U.

Panama and leading sectors for U. Contacts, market research and trade events. Investment, a division of the government of the United Kingdom, created this downloadable PDF report on doing business in Panama. The report provides introductory information about the market, advice to companies that want to export to or do business in Panama, and a guide to etiquette, language and cultural concerns. This page provides introductory information about the Panamanian market. Most World Bank materials are published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. This comprehensive report includes chapters about dealing with licenses, starting or closing a business, employing workers, getting credit, protecting investors, paying taxes, enforcing contracts and trading across borders in Panama.