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Författare: Matteo Maria Boiardo.

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. This article needs additional citations for verification. 1655 edition by Giovanni Battista Brigna, Venice. To material largely quarried from the Carolingian and Arthurian cycles, Boiardo added a superstructure of his own making. The poem, written in the ottava rima stanza rhythm, consists of 68 cantos and a half.

Italia tutta a fiamma e foco. While I sing, Redentor God, I see Italy all at flame and fire. It most likely bore the title L’innamoramento de Orlando. El fin del inamoramento de’ Orlando. Charlemagne’s court for a tournament in which both Christians and Pagans can participate. Rinaldo rushes back to France, chased by Angelica in love with him, in turn chased by Orlando.

Back in the Ardenne forest, this time Rinaldo and Angelica drink at the opposite founts. In spite of its unfinished state and some deficiencies in rhythm, Boiardo’s Orlando is considered a notable work of art, echoing throughout the poet’s ardent devotion to Love and Loyalty, shedding warmth and sunshine wherever the lapse of ages had rendered the legends colourless and cold. Another Renaissance poet, Torquato Tasso borrowed many of Boiardo’s epic conventions, although his Jerusalem Delivered does not use the Orlando frame. An unabridged English translation was performed by Charles Stanley Ross, published in 2004 by Parlor Press. Orlando furioso, a continuation by Ludovico Ariosto published between 1516 and 1532. Le prénom Orlando, déclinaison de Roland, est présent dans différentes langues. Pour les articles sur les personnes portant ce prénom, consulter la liste générée automatiquement.

Matteo Maria Boiardo, publié en 1494. Ludovico Ariosto publié en 1516, suite de l’œuvre de Matteo Maria Boiardo. L’opéra Orlando, créé en 1733 par Georg Friedrich Haendel, variation sur l’œuvre de Ludovico Ariosto. L’opéra Orlando paladino composé par Joseph Haydn en 1782 sur un livret de Nunziato Porta d’après Ludovico Ariosto. Le roman Orlando, de Virginia Woolf publié en 1928 traitant entre autres thèmes de l’immortalité et de l’identité de genre. La pièce Orlando ou l’impatience, d’Olivier Py.