No Hero PDF

Hero sheet: Is your hero sheet looking worn and tattered? Is it covered in smudges and scrawls, making it impossible to keep track of your epic items and vital potions? Well, now you can download and print off as many copies as you need. No-one said battling monsters was going to be easy, but with the combat tracker, you’ll be prepared for no Hero PDF Valeron can throw at you.

Författare: Mark Owen.

Heart of Fire colour maps: Brighten up your adventures with full-colour maps for The Heart of Fire! These original maps featured in the first printing of the book and were created by David Atkinson. They have been kindly provided by Gollancz for readers to download and print. Plan your builds, choose your items and power-up those special abilities with the Legion of Shadow hero builder. Glimpse into the future and witness the fabulous treasures that could be yours: weapons and artefacts that will decide your destiny. Only you can make your visions come to pass! The library of Bitter Keep holds many magical wonders.