La corsa più pazza d’America! PDF

It was one of 1981’s most la corsa più pazza d’America! PDF films at the box office. This and the 1984 sequel were the final film appearances of actor Dean Martin. Race teams have gathered in Connecticut to start a cross-country car race. One at a time, teams drive up to the starters’ stand, punch a time card to indicate their time of departure, then take off.

Författare: Geronimo Stilton.

Il mio amico Iena si è iscritto alla ‘Race Across America’, una gara ciclistica lunga quasi 5.000 chilometri che attraversa gli Stati Uniti d’America. È una delle imprese sportive più estreme del mondo! Ma il problema è che ha iscritto anche me! Per mille mozzarelle, come farò ad arrivare in fondo?!

Hal Needham and Brock Yates used the same vehicle in the actual 1979 race. Catholic priests, drive a red Ferrari 308 GTS 1979. Jackie Chan and Michael Hui race in a high-tech, computer-laden Subaru GL 4WD hatchback with a rocket booster engine. Roger Moore plays “heir to the Goldfarb Girdles fortune”, Seymour Goldfarb, Jr.

Roger Moore and signs into the race under that name. He drives a silver Aston Martin DB5. Jamie Farr portrays an oil-rich Middle-Eastern sheikh, driving a white Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. At the starting line, observing from the shadows, is Mr.

Safety Enforcement Unit”, who tries to stop the race because of its environmental effects and safety issues. Foyt and Glover, who have been involved in a minor fender-bender. Glover implores JJ and Victor to help, but when they tell Foyt to enter the ambulance through the back door, they kidnap Glover and take off without Foyt. As the race progresses, Victor occasionally turns into his alter ego, superhero “Captain Chaos”. Various teams are shown either evading law enforcement, most of which deal with talking their way out of a possible ticket, or concocting crazy schemes to outmaneuver their opponents. Jill and Marcie use sex appeal as their weapon, unzipping their race suits to display copious amounts of cleavage during traffic stops.

However, this fails to work on a busty female traffic officer played in a cameo appearance by actress Valerie Perrine. The Subaru team is able to turn off their car’s headlights and use infrared sensors for racing at night. Seymour Goldfarb is frequently shown evading police by using various James Bond-type gadgets, such as oil slicks, smoke screens, switchable license plates, all installed in his Aston Martin DB5. Finch’s extra weight forces the two to ride cross-country in a continuous wheelie. The primary rivalry is between the ambulance and the Ferrari.

In Ohio, Fenderbaum and Blake are able to convince Victor to pull over the ambulance in order to bless the patient on board. While Blake carries out the blessing, Fenderbaum flattens one of the ambulance’s rear tires. The leading teams find themselves stopped on a desert highway, waiting for construction workers to clear the road. It quickly gets out of hand and a free-for-all fistfight ensues. Captain Chaos” re-emerges to fight the bikers.

The ambulance falls behind the pack until Victor once again becomes Captain Chaos. The vehicles all arrive at the final destination at the same time, so it is a foot race to the finish line. JJ hands his team’s time card to Victor, then ambushes the remaining racers, leaving only Victor and one of the Lamborghini women, Marcie. Just when it appears Victor will reach the time clock first, a spectator shouts that her “baby” has fallen into the water. Marcie to clock in first and win the race.

JJ is furious and never wants to see Captain Chaos again, but Victor replies that he does not care, because he really wants to be Captain USA. Foyt reappears and blames everyone for ruining the American highway. Seymour offers a cigar and tells Foyt to use the lighter in his car, which activates an ejection seat when pushed. Roger Moore as Seymour Goldfarb, Jr. Farrah Fawcett as tree-loving photographer Pamela Glover. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

Jamie Blake and scam artist Morris Fenderbaum, disguised as Catholic priests. Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder plays himself as Fenderbaum bets on his success. Foyt, the uptight main antagonist of the film, who tries to have the race stopped. Jackie Chan and Michael Hui as drivers of a Subaru GL filled with gadgets. Jamie Farr as Sheik Abdul ben Falafel, a wealthy Arabian potentate determined to win the race, even if he has to buy it. Bianca Jagger makes a brief appearance as his sister. Farr’s car is a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow.