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This article needs additional citations for verification. 1980, emerging from blinko PDF London anarcho-punk scene. Blinko and Greville had met years prior in Langleybury Comprehensive secondary school.

Författare: Mario Boninsegni.

Blinko, Greville, and Matthews subsequently formed Rudimentary Peni. Matthews explained how he came up with the name of the band: “When I was at school studying biology, we were told that in the fetal stage the clitoris is a rudimentary penis”. They recorded their first EP, an eponymous 12-song 7″, in 1981 at Street Level Studios in London and released it on Outer Himalayan. It was fast, loud, and often described as “demented” due to the sound, as well as Blinko’s lyrics and artwork, which adorned the cover and inner sleeves.

Early on, Rudimentary Peni had connections with fellow anarcho-punkers Crass, and their second 7″ EP, Farce, was issued by Crass Records. In 1987, the band’s first two EPs were collected by Corpus Christi Records as The EPs of RP. Rudimentary Peni stopped performing in the mid-1980s after bassist Matthews was diagnosed with cancer. Most reissues of their 1980s albums are now out of print. Chart placings shown are from the UK Indie Chart. John Dies at the End Finds U.