Anastasia & Anna PDF

Anastasia & Anna PDF are cosmetic preparations used for protecting, moisturizing, and lubricating the skin. These functions are normally performed by sebum produced by healthy skin.

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The word “emollient” is derived from the Latin verb mollire, to soften. By regulating its water content, skin maintains a dry, easily shed surface as a barrier against pathogens, dirt, or damage, while protecting itself from drying out and becoming brittle and rigid. Emollients prevent evaporation of water from the skin by forming an occlusive coating on the surface of the stratum corneum. Humectants also have an emollient effect, but they act differently, by drawing water into the stratum corneum. The more lipid in the formulation, the greater the emollient effect.

Emollients are available as lotions, creams, ointments, bath oils, or soap substitutes. Mineral oils and waxes are insensitive to oxidation or rancidity. For this reason, they have essentially replaced vegetable oils in emollients and topical medication. Although various lipids or emollients have been used for anointing throughout history, this use hardly counts as cosmetical in today’s sense.

Scientific cosmetic chemistry exists only since 1920. Emollients are used for the treatment of certain skin ailments, such as psoriasis, ichthyosis vulgaris, xerosis, and pruritus in atopic dermatitis. Emollients are used in disposable napkins to prevent dry skin and napkin dermatitis. A Cochrane review noted that moisturizers show some beneficial effects in eczema. The same review did not find evidence that one moisturizer is better than another.

Moisturizing lotions are mainly intended to improve the skin, but can also harm it. Occlusive agents are used to help block the loss of water from the skin. Humectant agents are used to attract water to the skin. Significant water exposure to the skin can cause the loss of soluble natural factors. Skin Physiology, Irritants, Dry Skin and Moisturizers. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.

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For the carpentry product, see wire nails. This article needs additional citations for verification. A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands performed at home or in a nail salon. Some manicures include painting pictures or designs on the nails, or applying small decals or imitation jewels. In many areas, manicurists are licensed and follow regulations. Since skin is manipulated and is sometimes trimmed, there is a risk of spreading infection when tools are used across many people.